We are a modern Italian law firm, with more than 20 years of client service. 

Our professionals express excellence, professionalism and passion in all the fields of application, ranging from criminal law to international taxation and banking and financial issues. Thanks to the long-lasting relationship with overseas primary law firms, we can support companies in the business development in a wide range of countries.


Criminal law

Our Firm provides a highly qualified assistance in criminal proceedings to individuals as well as companies and professionals and offers advisory services to prevent criminal responsibilities. In particular, our Firm provides legal assistance and defence in criminal proceedings concerning:

  • intellectual property offences
  • cybercrimes and privacy violations
  • corporate crimes
  • tax crimes and customs offences;
  • environmental offences
  • workers safety and health offences
  • offences against public administration
  • criminal liability connected with insolvency and bankruptcy
  • medical liability
  • construction and urban planning offences
  • administrative liability of legal entities for criminal offenses


Our Firm provides a highly qualified assistance in all Tax areas. In particular, our Firm provides services regarding:

  • legal assistance and defence in Tax proceedings and pre-litigation settlement with tax authorities (involving transfer pricing and international and domestic tax matters)
  • corporate income tax issues, including issues connected with the adoption of IAS and IFRS, and on group taxation matters and the optimization of the tax regime of dividends, interest and royalties among group entities
  • assistance in the context of pre-litigation settlement procedures and of bilateral or multilateral mutual agreement procedures between the Italian and foreign tax authorities
  • tax structuring of inbound and outbound investments
  • transfer pricing policies and negotiation and conclusion of Advance Pricing Agreements with the Italian Tax Authorities (including in drafting appropriate transfer pricing documentation)
  • VAT issues, both in domestic and cross-border transactions


Our Firm provides assistance and advice in the assessment and creation of governance structures to prevent potential risks arising from the conduct of businnes. Our Firm has a specific expertise with regards to:

  • Organisational and Management Model (in compliance with Legislative Decree 231/2001
  • Health, Safety and Environment in the Workplace (Guarantee positions, HSE internal procedures, functional delegations, legal audits, , in-house contracts, environmental remediation, waste, emissions)
  • Anti-bribery and Whistleblowing procedure
  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • Personal Data Protection

Banking and Financial Services

The Banking and Financial Services team is composed of professionals with a solid experience in the field of banking and finance regulations and NPL transactions. Our Firm has a long-standing experience in the assistance in setting up procedures aimed at collecting a high number of non-performing consumer receivables and to debt collection procedures, whether in their initial phase or during the Court proceedings. Our assistance also includes drafting and negotiation of contractual documents related to Banking and Financial Services (such as ISDA, cash pooling documents, SLOC, Bank Guarantee, transfer of NPL’s portfolio).

M&A, Corporate and Restructuring

Our Firm serves national and international companies on transactions such as mergers, demergers, acquisition of shares or assets, and Companies’ group reorganizations.
Our assistance covers all aspects of the above transactions, including legal and tax structuring, drafting and negotiation of contractual documents (LOI, MoU, Share Purchase Agreement, NDA) and due-diligence activities.

Food law

Our Firm provides legal advice to producers, suppliers, market leader multinational corporations and several other players active in the Food field . In particular, we assist companies on:

  • food security (security and hygiene within production and transportation)
  • food safety matters (information for consumers)
  • counterfeiting, designations of origin and labelling
  • unfair competition
  • protection of “made in” and the fight against the “Italian sounding”
  • tax and customs duties on food and drink for both inbound and outbound exchanges
  • proceedings related to labelling and consumer protection

Insurance, accident law and Medical liability

Our Firm has a specific experience to advice both individuals and companies, as well as brokers, agencies and insurance companies. In particular, concerning individuals and companies, our Firm is very experienced regarding claims for compensation for damages in all cases of civil and criminal liabilities. Concerning insurance companies, agencies and brokers, we are able to provide any client with legal advice both about the pre-contractual, contractual and out-of-Court phases of negotiations and about the litigation. We also offers assistance to professionals of the medical and health sector, providing advice and legal defence in court proceedings concerning medical malpractice and negligence.

Customs and International trade

Our Firm provides assistance to Italian and foreign companies, with a focus on Asia market, with direct interests in other countries or that collaborate with foreign as well as to foreign companies wishing to invest in Italy. In particular, our Firm provides:

  • customer assistance on local investment policies
  • study and interpretation of legislation in the country of investment
  • direct foreign investments, delocalisation of production
  • participation in commercial negotiations and customer assistance in negotiations with foreign commercial partners
  • customer assistance for import-export activities in accordance with the laws of the country in question and in accordance with international practice
  • resolutions of issues relating to customs law, relations with customs authorities
  • establishment of foreign-invested enterprises (e.g. joint ventures, wholly-owned foreign enterprises, establishment of liaison offices)
  • restructuring and liquidation of wholly-owned foreign enterprises

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